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Forged Hitler 'Diaries' to go on Show Print E-mail
Written by Markus Brandes   
Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Forged Hitler 'Diaries' to go on Show

SMH - The book at the centre of history's biggest publishing hoax is poised to go on show for the world to see - in a museum devoted to crime.

Twenty-eight years after Germany's Stern magazine began publishing the fake diaries of Adolf Hitler, they have ended up in a law and order museum in Hamburg.

The diaries - faked by a forger called Konrad Kujau - were allegedly found in the East German wreck of a Nazi plane that crashed on the way out of Berlin in 1945.

In fact, they were penned in Kujau's front room on old paper that he made older by toasting a bit in the oven.

The diaries will be displayed alongside pistols, garrottes, daggers and numerous other items seized by the Hamburg police over the years. The museum will open next year.
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 March 2011 )
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