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Andreas Wiemer - US Presidents Print E-mail
Written by Markus Brandes   
Friday, 17 June 2005


Name – name


Andreas Wiemer – Kelkheim, Germany


Foto – photo






Privates, Ausbildung, Beruf 


  • Geboren am 26.07.1971
  • Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
  • Dipl. Betriebswirt


personal, education, career


  • born July 26, 1971
  • Master of Business administration




Die ersten Autogramme begann ich vor etwa 20 Jahren auf dem Postweg zu sammeln. Damals noch von Schauspielern, Sportlern usw. - halt alles was einen 13-jährigen Schüler interessiert. Nach einigen Jahren, wo der Beruf und andere Hobbys im Vordergrund standen, führte mich das Internet vor sechs Jahren zurück zu meiner früheren Leidenschaft. Das Interesse an der amerikanischen Geschichte ließ dann auch nur ein Sammelgebiet zu und so spezialisierte ich mich auf die Autogramme und Autographen der amerikanischen Präsidenten.



Collecting history

I started autograph collecting approximately 20 years ago via the mail. At that time everything I can find and everything a young boy like: entertainment, sport, history etc. After some years, where the occupation and other hobbies were the center of attention, the Internet led me come back to my early passion. The interest in American history permitted then only one collecting area. Since 6 years I am specialized only in United States Presidents.



Grundsatz/ Ziele

Mein besonderes Augenmerk gilt der Echtheit der Stücke - grundsätzlich ist jedes Autogramm oder Autograph für mich erst einmal nicht authentisch. Im Anschluss daran hilft mir dann mein umfangreiches Referenzmaterial von mehr als 100 Büchern und diverser Studien eine objektive und begründete Beurteilung durchzuführen.





Regarding authenticity my slogan is always: "Think inversely".  Before you purchase an autograph you should think along the lines that it is not genuine, than do your research hoping to prove otherwise. Assemble your own reference library and purchase all the reference books available. Don't depend on what can be a worthless Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from a dealer. Educating yourself is the best way to build a fine collection.




  • United States Presidents



Collecting areas

  • United States Presidents



  • United States President
  • First Ladies



  • United States Presidents
  • First Ladies



Wissen in anderen Bereichen

·         Geschichte

·         Autogramme und Autographen allgemein



Knowledge in other areas

·         History

·         autographs in general



Publikationen – publications


  • AUTOPEN GUIDE – United States Presidents, 2009
  • Thomas Jefferson’s invisible Hand, 2007
  • Executive Mansion/ White House cards, 2005 (Award winning article for the UACC)
  • New Discovery in McKinley autographs (Autograph Magazin), 2006
  • William/ Ida McKinley autograph study (cover story Manuscript Society), 2006
  • James Monroe – printed signature on Land Grants (Manuscript Society), 2007
  • John F. Kennedy autograph study (early signatures), 2012



Presseberichte - press

  • Regional Newspapers
  • Interview „Autograph Collector“ Magazin, 2006



Mitglied folgender Organisationen – member of the following organisations


  • Manuscript Society
  • Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC)
  • AdA 1986 (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Autographensammler e.V.)



Literaturverzeichnis – Library


More than 100 books on autograph collecting, all publications of the major Autograph Organisations (Pen & Quill, IACC/DA, Manuscripts, Autograph Collector) – last 25 years. Signature studies from Washington to Obama, e.g. Franklin D. Roosevelt with more than 500 authentic signatures to compare.


Important books:


  • John F. Kennedy – Autographs from the Presidency (Paul K. Carr)
  • From the White House Inkwell (John M. Taylor)
  • The Robot that Helped to Make a President (Charles Hamilton)
  • From the Presidents Pen (Larry F. Vrzalik, Michael Minor)
  • The Eisenhower Files (Paul K. Carr)
  • Executive Mansion White House and The White House cards (L. Keyes, S. Koschal)
  • Collecting books and pamphlets by the Presidents of the United States (Stephen Koschal)
  • Lyndon B. Johnson – Reflections in History (Dwayne A. Bridges)
  • History of the “Free Franking” of Mail in the US (Edward Stern) 
  • Best wishes – Richard Nixon (Frederick Casoni)
  • Franking Privileges of the Presidents Widows (Collectors Club Philatelist)
  • The First Ladies of the United States (Dr. Walter A. Ostromecki, Jr.)
  • Bill Clinton IACC/ DA concise autograph study (Stuart Lutz)
  • US Presidents – a guide to authenticating autographs (Joseph Liberkowski)
  • Collecting Autographs and Manuscripts (Charles Hamilton)
  • Great Forgers and Famous Fakes (Charles Hamilton)
  • In the Presence of History (Steven Raab)
  • Presidential Profiles (Ben Benson)
  • History Comes to Life (Kenneth Rendell)
  • Forging History, The Detection of Fake Letters and Documents (Kenneth Rendell)
  • Autographs - a key to collecting (Mary A. Benjamin)
  • Collecting Historical Documents (Todd Axelrod)
  • The Signature of America (Charles Hamilton)
  • AUTOPEN GUIDE – United States Presidents (A. Wiemer, S. Koschal)



Kontakt – contact








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